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22 Sep - 28 Oct, 2023
Entropy and Hidden Force

Tianshu Zhang





The theme of the exhibition focuses on the relationship between solid form and continuous dynamics between painting and consciousness. Entropy is compared to the arrow of time, an eternal movement, and hidden force is an unpredictable infinite combination that exists in a single form and in the same field.

The night is dropping, and the moon in the dark blue fog is casting its gaze equally on each nest. This is not an exotic land that you break into while escaping reality. It is the gravel buried in the soil of the ancient city. Hunting among the huge choices, the image is peeled off from the undefined shell, after the solid state, it starts to rebuilding within the vortex and the deriving from the waves.


The distant past is essentially inaccessible to us. The details between the traces of oil and pastel are imagined as corresponding carriers, and the images created by the artist flow into the depths of our own time and conscious through our gaze. Faced with such a combination and arrangement of works in the space, it is difficult for us to ignore the narrative energy of the images, or in other words, they are crossing the canvas and our bodies while being embodied. Rather than saying that they are evidence of illusion, it is better to say that what the artist is trying to create is the fleeting golden light of the holy fire outside the city wall. The brushstrokes sliding between the media determine the reproduced image, leaving us like flames and leaving us. Together, we move to the next scene in our consciousness.


The sequence of pictures contains a structure from dark to light, volume and visual interweaving and interpenetration. The process of creating images that are not controlled by the target consciousness is to constantly explore aspects of oneself in media and images, and the feelings triggered when viewing the works also come from this. “I will spend my whole life trying to understand the operation of memory. Memory is not the opposite of forgetting, but the inner connection of forgetting.” (Chris Marker, Sans Soleil) Under this mechanism, the relationship between the hand and the canvas, inner contradictions and desires merge into the same space. What is urgently needed is the right to tamper with the prophecy. The artist fixes the unfixable things and turns the abandonment into a still life falling into the dust.


No more words are wasted describing the storm, the hunter will keep such things to themselves, and the best part of it is the close juxtaposition of survival and disappearance and the unique experience of passing perpendicular to it.


Texts: Tingzhi Zhang

Tianshu Zhang is a painter now living and studying in New York. Her semi-abstract figurative paintings are often inspired by dreams, memories, fantasies and all forms of stage performance, rendered with traditional painting and drawing materials. With distorted, exaggerated human bodies and mysterious spaces in her paintings, Tianshu continually explores the themes of human nature, emotions, and desires. She got her Bachelor of Fine arts degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2017 and came to New York to obtain her Master degree in fine arts at the School of Visual Arts in 2021.

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