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  • Giovanni Motta | Gallery Func

    G iovanni Motta b.1971 Lives in Verona, Italy. Giovanni Motta was born into an artistic family in Verona in 1971. He expresses himself through painting and sculpture. His paintings are the result of an elaborate, complex technique based on the study of colour and form. WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES In Motta’s poetic output, a frequent theme is memory and recollections. The paintings and sculptures do not contrast with each other. Indeed, the objective elements and perception of reality portrayed by the former tend to enhance the idea of subjective fantasy in the latter, in keeping with the alteration and transformation involved in the combined use of the two. Motta’s works border on the realm of fantasy with their high visual impact. They start with research and expansion of childhood memories. He possesses a contemporary vocabulary that is influenced by Japanese culture, cartoons and vibrant hues that are strictly produced with spot colours. ARTWORKS Out of gallery EXHIBITION 0X0A9185.jpg a10c0567a229ff161e5036c490c0f2f.jpg Out of gallery Hidden Message Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021 GZ Contemporary Art Fair Dec 26 - Dec 29, 2021 ARTICLES Giovanni-Motta-1-1.jpg.webp Jonny-Boy-1.jpg.webp Out of gallery NFT and meditation: Giovanni Motta and the search for the inner child @The Cryptonomist Giovanni Motta and his success in the NFT world @The Cryptonomist

  • Ana Barriga | Gallery Func

    Ana Barriga b.1984 WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES ARTWORKS Out of gallery EXHIBITION 0X0A8432.jpg Out of gallery Hidden Message Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021

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    Hilary Doyle b. 1985 Hilary Doyle lives and works in New York, USA and graduated with honours from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2012. The artist has said, “Focusing on the conditions in which people live helps us examine the rituals, psychology and emotions of daily life.” Artist Talk: ​ I was inspired by my grandmother who was a hobby painter and by classes I took at a local art museum as a child. Sometimes I think a vocation like making art chooses you. I am first inspired by observations while walking or traveling and make sketches on walks and trips to work from. I am researching ancient matriarchal societies and mythologies surrounding powerful women. I see medusa from greek mythology for example as a metaphor for society’s curse on women to juggle so many roles and expectations at once. ​ I see fruit as symbolic in many ways as a reference to the story of adam and eve, and a fresh start after a bitter pandemic. I have been collecting objects and cloths with fruit patterns on them to paint from. I want to present archetypes of strong women - characters that question societal gender roles. I see Grandma Walking at Dawn as a painting about triumph and perseverance. Sophie Menade who is a character in some of the paintings is a wise storyteller from Monique Whittig’s French feminist 1969 novel “Les Guérillères”. As in the paintings she recombines symbols and mythological stories in new ways to tell a new story of a matriarchal society. ​ ​ I am really excited to have my work on view in Shanghai alongside so many great artists in a space run and curated by a creative woman gallerist. I visited Shanghai 3 years ago and found it to be inspirational: as a place that is at once futuristic feeling (imagining the future is the first step to imagining a better future) and full of wonderful contemporary art in museums and galleries. I remember a building sign that read “Dream Big you are in Shanghai” and love the idea that it’s a place where dreams become a reality. WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES ARTWORKS Out of gallery EXHIBITION 0X0A9895.jpg Out of gallery The Fiction July 11 - Aug 11, 2021

  • Self Delivery | Gallery Func

    ​Andrés Lozano Chen Jiupi Erkut Terliksiz Jiang Taoyue Liu Lin Yokoteen Oct 09 2021 - Oct 31 2021 ​Self Delivery INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS Out of gallery ARTISTS Liu Lin Erkut Terliksiz 4的副本.jpg 截屏2021-07-20 下午3.01.47的副本.png 《到底谁高贵?》 61cmX90cm 布面油画 2020 2.jpg WechatIMG17192_副本.jpg flower-power-1_副本.png WechatIMG7204的副本.jpeg Out of gallery Jiang Taoyue ​Chen Jiupi Andrés Lozano Yokoteen We are pleased to present ourfourth exhibition since the opening of Gallery Func, which, as always, explores the relationship between modern painting, contemporary image production and the inner logic of emotion through the work of the artists.The exhibition brings together graphic paintings by six artists from home and abroad, based on artistic traditions ranging from Romanticism to Popism, in a diverse range of works that present an alternative to the many possibilities of contemporary figurative painting.Unlike traditional figurative painting, these apparently modest works raise questions about the freedom of expression in painting and psychological issues. Through the artist's skilful control and combination of images, their skillful 'feeling' in the various dimensions and shifts of form gives the works sensitive details and an air of rebellion against the popular. These works are essentially depictions of scenes from life that do not constitute any realistic and are always playful, bright, and full of amusing irony. In contrast to the traditional concept of painting, the artist does not wish to give vent to all his emotions, but rather to paint 'what I see' in and spontaneous manner.Painting has existed for over 30,000 years in human history and it can be considered as a private note that can be made public. The paintings on display now visualise the author's psychological world, and the artist, in their sincerity and purity, allows the viewer to truly experience the same experience as he did at the time of creation.

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    Upcoming: Emotional Autonomous Region When Crypto Meets Funeral & Wedding Artist: SHI Ruini Curated by: MIAO Zijin

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    DING H ongdan b.1995 Ding Hongdan, born in Guangzhou in December1995, graduated from the Third Studio of Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, receiving a bachelor's degree in 2018 and a master's degree in 2021. She is currently studying a Ph.D. program at CAFA, supervised by professor Liu Xiaodong. ​ WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES Out of gallery ARTWORKS EXHIBITIONS 795bfbd99995a94a1b27745a0ccc1da.jpg Out of gallery DING Hongdan & BO Sihan A Fund of Gifts Dec 24, 2021 - Jan 22, 2022

  • The Fiction | Gallery Func

    Ally Rosenberg Ania Hobson Fátima de Juan Gao Hang Hilary Doyle Jeremy Yamamura Matthew F Fisher ​The Fiction July 15 2021 - Aug 15 2021 INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS Out of gallery ARTISTS IMG_2538.jpeg WechatIMG5887.jpeg WechatIMG6554.jpeg viewfile-3.png IMG_2494.jpeg SophieMenadeontheSubway2021.jpg Richard-Tilney-Bassett-210306-141153-0134-_theglasspassport-web.jpg Out of gallery Fátima de Juan Jeremy Yamamura Ania Hobson Matthew F Fisher Gao Hang Hilary Doyle Ally Rosenberg We are proud to present the second exhibition of Gallery Func this summer, 'The Fiction', in which we will present the work of seven promising artists. ​ The works in this exhibition, although they all are figurative painting, break away from the basic rules of traditional figurative painting and are post-modern and futuristic. These works vividly present the daily psychological states and rituals of life that are easily overlooked by us. The artists are concerned with the current situation of self-fragmentation in the information society, and they try to explore the real existence through painting. ​ The artists are both participants and spectators in their own lives. They watch the human life force unfold in the wider context and then, from their own selves, search for the port of balance between real life and imagination, which is the port of their artworks. They use their individual subjects as the base for their conceptual and pictorial structures, and use skilled techniques to embellish the complex expressions of their subjects, effectively and directly conveying their respective languages. ​ The realistic mood of the work is both familiar and new to the viewer, and the artist is placing the viewer in the real and fantastical world created by the painting itself, making the viewing of the painting more like reading some amazing narratives. It is as if something important has been snatched from this fictional world based on reality, leaving a big hole for us all to jump into and fill. ​ All of the works discuss the wonders of human existence as a living creature. The uncertainty of life itself is artfully displayed in each work. The sense of confusion about the future and the vibrant, throbbing energy of adolescence come crashing down on the dull and stagnant psychological world that drives adults. These works here become a spiritual stimulus for us, awakening our dormant senses.

  • A Fund of Gifts | Gallery Func

    DING Hongdan & BO Sihan Curator: Miao Zijin Dec 24 2021 - Jan 18 2022 A Fund of Gifts INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS Out of gallery ARTISTS 少女枪手,100_150cm,丁鸿丹,布面油画,2021.jpg e4c287afa6bc1a45eb0ee69ba74651d.jpg Out of gallery DING Hongdan BO Sihan Gallery Func is pleased to present"A Fund of Gifts", a duo show by Ding Hongdan and Bo Sihan, curated by Miao Zijin. The reason we are all gathered here today is not to celebrate the staying power of the "From today painting is dead" that has been cited to this day, but rather our continued fascination with the issues of painting that have been raised but not fully exchanged. "A Fund of Gifts", a two-person project by Ding Hongdan and Bo Sihan, will unfold sequentially on the three floors of the house where Gallery Func is located. ​ On the first floor, Ding Hongdan has created a theater with an absurd atmosphere and intertwined time and space. The dull Barbie dolls and little boys are like muppets manipulated by the artist; the gaze of hipster and female singer looking into the distance is full of their fantasies of the future. The saturated colors and crude silhouettes, deliberately chosen by theartist, generate a powerful visual impact, implying a violence hidden in the feminine sense of humor. In the series paintings, such as Boy with Milk Can I and Boy with Milk Can II, the portraits are being manipulated and dragged by the artist's hand and Photoshop at the same time; while YYDS or Girl Gunner create tension through composition and narrative. ​ Bo Sihan has built a meditative space for a dialogue with the journey of the past on the second floor. In contrast to the irony and disorientation of the characters portrayed by Ding, Bo attempts to orchestrate the personal memories embedded in her paintings with a relatively calm and light approach. Raindrops and starry sky are the elements that appear many times in her journey and works, reflecting the subtle and self-contained inner world. The mixed media such as plaster and acrylic panels manifest the artist’s endeavor to escape from the limitations of the plane and frame of painting, serving as a temporary proof of her distance from the overly familiar and boring reality. ​ Entering the third floor, the reception room of Gallery Func is transformed into an open archival chamber, where visitors are encouraged to take away a readable part of the exhibition: a paperapple containing a confession of the art-making process. Two artists participating in "A Fund of Gifts", two founders of the gallery, and an invited curator, have come together to share the clues of each other's practice. We are willing to hand apples out to our audience. These paper apples function as Christmas gifts and behind-the-scenes reading materials of the show. Generosity per se is the creative force that resists holiday anxiety and slightly changes the rules of a curatorial game. Text / Miao Zijin

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    Wang jingyi b.1991 Wang Jingyi is a realist artist born and raised in China. She graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2013 with a BA in Painting. And received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2016. She had a solo exhibition at Amerasia Bank Gallery in New York in 2021. WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES ARTWORKS Out of gallery EXHIBITION a10c0567a229ff161e5036c490c0f2f.jpg 0X0A9185.jpg Out of gallery GZ Contemporary Art Fair Dec 26 - Dec 29, 2021 Hidden Message Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021