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  • A Fund of Gifts | Gallery Func

    DING Hongdan & BO Sihan Curator: Miao Zijin Dec 24 2021 - Jan 18 2022 A Fund of Gifts INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS ARTISTS 少女枪手,100_150cm,丁鸿丹,布面油画,2021.jpg e4c287afa6bc1a45eb0ee69ba74651d.jpg DING Hongdan BO Sihan Gallery Func is pleased to present"A Fund of Gifts", a duo show by Ding Hongdan and Bo Sihan, curated by Miao Zijin. The reason we are all gathered here today is not to celebrate the staying power of the "From today painting is dead" that has been cited to this day, but rather our continued fascination with the issues of painting that have been raised but not fully exchanged. "A Fund of Gifts", a two-person project by Ding Hongdan and Bo Sihan, will unfold sequentially on the three floors of the house where Gallery Func is located. ​ On the first floor, Ding Hongdan has created a theater with an absurd atmosphere and intertwined time and space. The dull Barbie dolls and little boys are like muppets manipulated by the artist; the gaze of hipster and female singer looking into the distance is full of their fantasies of the future. The saturated colors and crude silhouettes, deliberately chosen by theartist, generate a powerful visual impact, implying a violence hidden in the feminine sense of humor. In the series paintings, such as Boy with Milk Can I and Boy with Milk Can II, the portraits are being manipulated and dragged by the artist's hand and Photoshop at the same time; while YYDS or Girl Gunner create tension through composition and narrative. ​ Bo Sihan has built a meditative space for a dialogue with the journey of the past on the second floor. In contrast to the irony and disorientation of the characters portrayed by Ding, Bo attempts to orchestrate the personal memories embedded in her paintings with a relatively calm and light approach. Raindrops and starry sky are the elements that appear many times in her journey and works, reflecting the subtle and self-contained inner world. The mixed media such as plaster and acrylic panels manifest the artist’s endeavor to escape from the limitations of the plane and frame of painting, serving as a temporary proof of her distance from the overly familiar and boring reality. ​ Entering the third floor, the reception room of Gallery Func is transformed into an open archival chamber, where visitors are encouraged to take away a readable part of the exhibition: a paperapple containing a confession of the art-making process. Two artists participating in "A Fund of Gifts", two founders of the gallery, and an invited curator, have come together to share the clues of each other's practice. We are willing to hand apples out to our audience. These paper apples function as Christmas gifts and behind-the-scenes reading materials of the show. Generosity per se is the creative force that resists holiday anxiety and slightly changes the rules of a curatorial game. Text / Miao Zijin

  • Tangshuo | Gallery Func

    Tang Shuo b.1995 Ding Hongdan, born in Guangzhou in December1995, graduated from the Third Studio of Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, receiving a bachelor's degree in 2018 and a master's degree in 2021. She is currently studying a Ph.D. program at CAFA, supervised by professor Liu Xiaodong. ​ WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES 錨點 1 ARTWORKS 錨點 2 EXHIBITION 錨點 3 DSC03385.jpg Null Protocol Oct 7 - Nov 4 2022

  • Den godhjaertade | Gallery Func

    INTERVIEW ​ Peter Jeppson DEN GODHJÄRTADE KONSTNÄREN @Artworks Peter Jeppson inledde sitt konstnärskap inom graffitikonsten som sedan ledde in honom på grafisk design och tog även vägen förbi illustration. Idag ägnar han sig mestadels åt måleri, och broderi. Peter har ställt ut i solo- och grupputställningar i Sverige, USA, Slovenien och Storbritannien. Hans verk är fyllda av välkända seriekaraktärer men istället för att försöka göra en så verklighetstrogen avbildning av dessa skapar han snarare “dåliga kopior” men som adderar nya drag och andra ansiktsuttryck eller sinnesstämningar än vad man är van vid att se hos karaktärerna. Read More

  • ARTIST | Gallery Func

    REPRESENTED FORGETTINGBASSA 少女枪手,100_150cm,丁鸿丹,布面油画,2021.jpg Nervously approaching the train tracks.jpg Giovanni Motta DING Hongdan Peter Jeppson PROJECT Hidden Message The Fiction Look, 2021.jpg Metrapolis with Taymour Grahne, 2020.jpg e4c287afa6bc1a45eb0ee69ba74651d.jpg CALENTITO Y RICO, 2020 oil, enamel and spray on canvas 90 x 75cm.jpeg 'FuneralPlay',施蕊妮,交互网站(2021).png Hannah Wilson Repro-04-web.jpeg preservation, 2020, intaglio prints, ink, 18.5 x20.png JM2021_32_GG-1.jpeg Young Man From Bredäng, 2020, oil on canvas 119.4 x 109.2cm.png A Man Hugging Dog oil on canvas .jpeg luisa me resin and copper on canvas - 134x124cm.jpg pod_185.png d563615d2c125b010070605dfb636736.jpg 图片1.png 1 (2).png Styma, Astrid, Private, 2021, oil on panel, 40 x 30 cm .jpg 截屏2022-12-01 13.44.55.png tarravechia_rachael_tobeepornottobeep_2022_2.jpg aa72a98c658daa3f2ad5864fc8a5baf.jpg 截屏2022-12-01 15.05.06.png 微信图片_20221008123303.png Giorgio Celin GAO Hang Hilary Doyle WANG Jingyi BO Sihan Ana Barriga Janes Haid- Schmallenberg SHI Ruini Devra Fox Jochen Mühlenbrink Leo Park TANG Shuo Hannah Wilson Luisa Mè Shigeki Matsuyama Tingwei LIANG Xiuching Tsay Vickie Vainionpää Astrid Styma Alexis Jang Rachael Tarravechia GE Yajing CHEN Ruofan Millie Kelly

  • Emotional Autonomous Region | Gallery Func

    Emotional Autonomous Region When Crypto Meets Funeral & Wedding Artist: SHI Ruini Curator: MIAO Zijin Jun 30 - Jul 23 2022 INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS ARTIST 施蕊妮 SHI Ruini SHI Ruini 「How should we present an inappropriate opening ceremony? 」This is the open question raised when the exhibition was initially conceived. Ruini Shi and her team present two virtual platforms named "FuneralPlay" and "LoveCounter" investigating whether a better and more friendly interactive experience could be achieved by users attending digital funerals and weddings if blockchain technology reaches certain maturity. De-centralized emotional service operations simulate "X-to-Earn", a reward mechanism of blockchain game. Participants invest in FuneralPlay in exchange for souvenirs in memory of the deceased (Play-to-Earn); likewise, the mourning time invested in FuneralPlay could be exchanged for souvenirs in memory of the deceased (Mourn-to-Earn). Lovers who sign LoveCounter, an intelligent marriage contract, will earn love Karma for the time they spend together online, the properties they contribute and the interactions between the two of them to trigger user-defined life events (Love-to-Earn). Are the new game rules in X-to-Earn for quantifying emotions sufficient to express true sadness or love? Can proof-of-love be delivered for cryptographic transactions? Emotional capitalism supported by Web 2.0, and in particular the dating software, have further standardized and commodified emotions. Through monitoring data generated by users with the assistance of algorithms lockchain-based Web 3.0 empowers users to take back ownership of their personal data from tech giants. What FuneralPlay and LoveCounter, the two interactive websites launched by the artist as conceptual and de-materialized media, produce are performative situations in which diverse values co-exist. Inspirations for scene constructions derive from creators' surveys and sampling of the identities and free will of their families and friends. Such non-fictional and unquantified data of emotions hereby collected attempt to draw an alternative collective portrait of contemporary youth. If "emotional autonomous region", which exists in parallel with the governance of the state or religion, is reckoned as one of the mental options for alleviating faith crisis, survival guide for the future may include a strategy of disappearance. In other words, escaping from the omnipresence of big data and managing our digital footprints at our own discretion have become an increasingly imperative urge. Within a closed system, encrypted funeral and wedding offer pathways for vulnerable individuals to cope with force majeure. When we reconnect with the real world, an inappropriate opening ceremony seems more like a ceremony of care, a scarce material in the contemporary context. Text / Miao Zijin

  • Juan de Larica | Gallery Func

    錨點 1 Juan de Larica b.1995 Ding Hongdan, born in Guangzhou in December1995, graduated from the Third Studio of Oil Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts, receiving a bachelor's degree in 2018 and a master's degree in 2021. She is currently studying a Ph.D. program at CAFA, supervised by professor Liu Xiaodong. ​ WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES ARTWORKS 錨點 2 EXHIBITION 錨點 3

  • Giorgio Celin | Gallery Func

    錨點 1 Giorgio Celin b.1986 Giorgio Celin (b. 1986 in Barranquilla, Colombia) currently lives and works in Barcelona (Spain). Celin through his art sheds light on the Latinx Diaspora phenomenon, underlining the gloomy sense of not belonging to a specific geographical location and the immigrants’ struggle to get accepted and integrated into our society. The impression of suffering visible on the figures depicted by the artist is not solely tied to the theme of migration, but also to homosexuality and the representation of non-objectified queer bodies. WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES 錨點 2 ARTWORKS EXHIBITION 錨點 3 0X0A9241.jpg Hidden Message Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021

  • Ana Barriga | Gallery Func

    錨點 1 Ana Barriga b.1984 WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES 錨點 2 ARTWORKS 錨點 3 EXHIBITION 0X0A8432.jpg Hidden Message Nov 10 - Dec 12, 2021

  • Guangzhou Contempory Art Fair | Gallery Func

    Dec 26 2021 - Dec 29 2021 Guangzhou Contemporary Art Fair INSTALLATION VIEWS WORKS ARTISTS WechatIMG6554.jpeg viewfile-3.png IMG_2494.jpeg 鎴睆2021-11-24 涓嬪崍4.53.14.png WechatIMG3623.jpeg 01_G_Motta_Forgetting Sand_120X120_cm_Acrylic_on_Canvas.jpg Crash, 2021.png IMG_4125.jpeg Seungcheol Ok ​Gao Hang Fátima de Juan Matthew F Fisher Wang Jingyi Giovanni Motta Yokoteen Erkut Terliksiz

  • Peter Jeppson | Gallery Func

    錨點 1 Peter Jeppson b.1985 The work of artist Peter Jeppson will steal you away from your own reality and have you placed in a world of his own creation, complete with his irresistibly curious characters. Bubbling with texture and vivid emotions, Jeppson’s creatures put a new, strange twist on cartoons — as they are far from the cartoons you may be used to seeing on television. Instead, the artist paints his characters with complicated expressions that are not so easily understood, making them anything but one-dimensional. Jeppson’s characters are created not only two-dimensionally in paint, but are also brought into the third dimension in his densely layered and brilliantly peculiar sculptures. These somewhat humorous figures are interesting in a way that is just slightly off, leaving the complexity of the artist’s work at its surface. ​ Describing himself as self-taught, the artist's artistic path is very similar to many others: the beginnings of doodling led him into illustration/graphic design and then further into painting, which became what the artist has been doing for many years. He has always been fascinated by the figure, and when the artist began to work more in illustration, he practised drawing it regularly. According to himself, there is a fine line between the cute and crispy cartoons with dramatic expressions and the characters that give impressions of being more vague and complex in their state of mind, and he aims for the second one there. WORK OVERVIEW EXHIBITIONS ARTICLES ARTWORKS 錨點 2 EXHIBITION 0X0A8576.jpg DSC03998.jpg 錨點 3 Hidden Message Dec 24, 2021 - Jan 22, 2022 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair Nov10 - Nov 13 2022 ARTICLES 錨點 4 截屏2022-03-05 下午3.30.00.png 截屏2022-03-05 下午4.35.21.png On the hunt for complex emotions @ArtMazeMag DEN GODHJÄRTADE KONSTNÄREN @ Artworks

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