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About us

GALLERY FUNC is a contemporary art gallery established in Shanghai since 2021. The space was located in a garden villa on Fumin Road in Jing'an District and relocated in a Carmel Court designed by the renowned French architect Alexandre Léonard in 1932. We are committed to discovering and supporting provincial and international emerging artists that are in the younger generation, broadening the horizons of vernacular contemporary art collections, promoting the development of the contemporary art market, and cultivating the younger Chinese collectors.

Since the establishment of the gallery, building integration has always been our guide in exploring and managing artists and works. The prerequisite of "bonding" is "connection". We focus on the inner connections between artists' works and the relationship between the artworks and the audience - thoughts, culture, emotions, epoch, techniques, etc. This purpose will constantly lead us to explore and growing.

Our exhibitions including multi-discipline contexts and aim to stimulate in-depth discussions of cultural attitudes and visual landscapes. With the energy of exhibitions, we are introducing a new generation of outstanding artists to collectors' horizons, helping collectors build their own aesthetic system and collections, and at the same time activating international exposures for artists who are still in the early stages of their careers. GALLERY FUNC hopes to establish an international image as a "pioneer" of contemporary art, build a bridge of spiritual integration between art and the public through the gallery as a platform, outline the profiles of different cultural milieu in contemporary art, and inspire inner spirit of this generation.


General Information

- Admission is always free 


Room 30, #19, No.17 Xinle Rd, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

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