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Jeremy Yamamura was born in France in 1981, the artist started his first job in London after graduating in 2004 with a degree in Visual Communication in Bordeaux. Jeremy’s project “DOGZZZ” started more than 20 years ago in the streets of Bordeaux. The characters initially inspired by a simple doodle took on various shapes and forms over time, always spreading a positive fun energy while giving a social commentary.

Artist Talk:


I don’t remember a moment when I chose to be an artist, it came progressively, I draw since I’m a kid, the paintings and doing walls in the streets in my twenties. Later on, working on graphics, videos, motion, canvases and different support & medias. 


It can start off as an idea, a story I want to tell, a statement, music or just a visual composition. Then I move onto the medium. I prepare the canvas for example, work out the proportions, trace the detail and start painting. I am quite detailed oriented, so I look for every line to be precise and the colors evenly distributed. I usually make few pieces at the same time, using the same tones and juggle between the pieces, creating a series that I can enjoy making over and over again, repetition and improvement are key elements in my approach.


In my work I talk about my daily life, personal experiences and my interests: music, culture and ideas that are important to me. I try to keep it light hearted and positive with a twist. I like the idea of making something visually appealing but also having a message or a statement that can emphasize the artwork.


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The Fiction

July 11 - August 11, 2021

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