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Xiuching Tsay

Xiuching Tsay (b1993) is a Thailand-born artist, currently based in London. Tsay is interested in an energetic rhythm in paintings, and the interplay between colours that create dynamic landscape and dynamic development of narratives. 

Tsay has been developing works engaging a fluid kind of language - both meaningful and abstract, to clarify an unclarity, to question clarity. She describes her process as simultaneously a search for logic within paintings, whilst seeking the otherness (the alien self) outside this logic. Tsay work is inspired by the pattern of natural growth and ecology of animals and plant lives, expressed in the orbital concept. Observing their physical rules, behaviours, and life fate that reminds of the mysteries of human existence. How we face an existential crisis everyday and be influenced in this shared space (world);the habitat of all beings. Building a landscape in a painting, Tsay imagines the locations,the situations, and the biological traits of the other lives, and applies the humane experiences and the familiar body. The known experience then again becomes questionable, sometimes a frightening one when it is detached from the place we’ve been.

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ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
Nov10 - Nov 13 2022

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