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A Collaboration with WAREHOUSE gallery

Artist: Jade Kim

Curator: Joey Chan

Jul 29 - Aug 27 2022

The Blooming Moment

We are delighted to collaborate with WAREHOUSE gallery to present the work of Jade Kim as WAREHOUSE gallery’s first exhibition in Shanghai. The artist has always been involved in the creative field, and after being in exhibition planning industry for a decade, Jade decided to pursue the expression of his true passion through paintings and sculptures.


“MIN” , the character that is inspired by his beloved wife, is the manifestation and recreation of his story, a special gift to her. She sends a rebellious yet quiet vibe, altogether with a sense of peacefulness. The perseverance yet tender characteristics of a mature woman can be interpreted as the scream for current difficulties in our society. Just as Jade Kim says, “I wanted to remind myself by looking at my paintings [of] what we [had] lost and what we had to protect.’





Jade Kim

Jade Kim (b.1981, Korea), a visual artist. He paints and sculpts the character "MIN", a fictional character based on his wife. The personality and story of his wife are big inspirations to his work, along with the rapidly changing world we live in, and the occasional surprises that occur in it. "MIN" has dreamy eyes, child-like shape and demeanour, giving people a sense of innocence. She is often portrayed as a character representing "protection" and "love". Kim's work exudes a calmness vibe and is intended to resonate with the viewer.


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