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Peter Jeppson
On the hunt for complex emotions
@ArtMaze Magazine

10 January 2018

The work of artist Peter Jeppson will steal you away from your own reality and have you placed in a world of his own creation, complex with his irresistibly curious characters. Bubbling with texture and vivid emotions, Jeppson's creatures put a new, strange twist on cartoons - as they are for from the cartoons you may be used to seeing on television. Instead, the artist paints his characters with complicated expressions that are not so easily understood, making them anything but one- dimensional. Jeppson's characters are creased not only two- dimensionally in paint, but are also brought into the third dimension in his densely layered and brilliantly peculiar sculpture. These somewhat humorous figures are interesting in a way that is just slightly off, leaving the complexity of the artist's work at its surface.

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