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Aug 28 2021 - Sep 29 2021

​Multiple Port: USB

Artists & Curators

Cai Jian & Wang Jiang

Fang Yang & Chen Jiaying

Feng Zhixuan & Sun Qidong

Li Hanwei & Mi Zijing

Tian Yi & Zhuang Lingzhi

Wang Yuchen & Yang Tiange

Xia Chengan & He Jingfei

Wu Yue

Zhang Ke & Chen Yunyao



Universal Serial Bus (USB), a serial standard for connecting computer systems to external devices and a technical specification for input and output interfaces, has been transformed, by mistake, into a synonym for a certainartistic experimentation, a threshold for establishing multiple dimensions and new connections. The exhibition uses this uninterrupted and unconstant state as a basic concept to define an indeterminate state of linking artists, curators and different spaces. The artist is no longer the beginning or the end, but instead becomes the interface between the two ends, where space and curator meet briefly, exchange information and are taken away at a certain point. Over the course of the following month, a series of exhibitions spread across Shanghai's galleries, non-profit spaces, buyers' shops, nightclubs and art fairs. If the works of each artist and the curators' analysis are fragments, the viewer may get a complete puzzle after seeing these unique spaces. This gives an overview of the unique face of the new post - 90s artists. This is not a wave or a movement, nor is it grandiose or metaphorical, this is just a perceptual presentation of the interface itself.

As one of the six spaces in the project, Gallery Func has launched its second exhibition to the public from 28 August, following the first exhibition at Madein Gallery on 27 August, and the other four exhibitions will be held at Joe Space on 11 September, Shanghai Trend Art Fair on 25 September, Potent and in the Park in mid to late September. 

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