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Long Ride Home, 2020

Ania Hobbson 

Ania Hobson is a British artist born in 1990, Ania has a degree in Fine Art and studied at the Prince's School of Painting in London and portraiture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. Her portraiture works are inspired by artists like Alice Neel and Kerry James Marshall. Her architectural portraits use subtle, complementary colors to create refined, dignified pictures of her close female friends and family members.


Artist Talk:

Being a painter is not a decision I chose, it’s something that you can’t escape. From young being creative was something that was already running through the family, we watched and would spend our time drawing at the dinner table, it was always there but never pushed on us...So, growing up it’s also been engrained in me and will always be part of me.

All my work is a timeline of figures and exploring the emotions that we go through. My painting is just another form of expressing language sometimes subconsciously painting in my own anxieties. I work with sketches first which are usually from my imagination or memory, I feel this is a good way of creating a non-anatomically correct view on the human form, I then transfer these drawings straight onto canvas before painting. I work to a medium / large scale with oil paints and impasto. 

I want the audience to be able to relate and feel a familiarity to my painting, something that they can recognize within themselves building that connection between them and my painting. My painting is all about people reading, emotions, vital, mark making, composing and psychology.

I’m so pleased to be exhibiting in this exhibition, it’s my first time exhibiting in Shanghai, along with some great artists too!

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The Fiction
July 15 - Aug 15, 2021

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