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GE Yajing

Ge Yajing was born in Luoyang in 1990 and graduated from the Oil Painting Department of the School of Fine Arts of Nanjing Normal University as a postgraduate in 2016. For the artist, she prefers the natural, even slightly juvenile, art to the buzz of reality and the alienation of social situations, while constantly polishing to make her painting language clearer and richer. Yajing feels that all those fine polishings and layers of padding are very important for the early stages of painting. She says, "Painting is like some kind of naturally growing organic matter, driven more by the creator's intuition, any kind of material has its own unique texture and language, "going deeper and deeper", rearranging and editing, like a game or a film. "

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West Bund Art & Design 2022
Nov10 - Nov 13 2022

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