​Ally Rosenberg

Born in 1991, Ally completed a BA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins before completing her studies at the Zablodowicz Collection Masterclass in 2020. The artist participated in the Fictional Artist Residency - Fernthorpe Hall in 2017 and his work has been published several times on major magazine platforms and he published his work on FAD in  2020.

Artist Talk:

I find it hard to answer this question without resorting to cliché, but I don’t remember ever choosing to be an artist. I was always serious about making things, so it feels more like a habit or compulsion, rather than a career decision or any romantic idea of vocation. I only ever stopped making art when I was at art school and that was not a good thing. So, I suppose the meaning of it comes from being miserable if I don’t.

I always start with material and I choose mediums that can be sliced or cast. This anatomical quality of something that shows the structure on the surface is very interesting to me. After my art studies, I did a degree in neuroscience and spent a lot of time looking at MRI scans of the brain. This aesthetic the three-dimensional body split into 2D planes definitely influences the way I think now.

I intent to make my work playful and enjoyable, but with themes that are maybe slightly uncomfortable. I don’t set out to speak directly about issues of identity, sexuality or psychology, but of course it’s all in there. I try to avoid thinking about what ideas are in the work until after a piece is made. And then it can be as much a surprise to me as the audience.

I am very happy to be exhibiting in Shanghai. This will be my first time showing my work there and I am thrilled to be working with Gallery Func and the lineup of artists they have chosen.


Selected Works