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Luisa Mè
Duo since 2016

Luisa Mè (Luca Colagiacomo (b. 1990, Milan, Italy) and Francesco Pasquini (b. 1991, Pesaro, Italy)) is a duo of London-based Italian artists who have collaborated since 2016 and were educated at the Accademia di Belli Arti di Urbino, Italy (2011-2015). 

As an artist duo that makes paintings and sculpture, Luisa Mè engages with themes of human existence and psychology in their work, concentrating on the dark side of the human condition, as seen through their own subjective experiences. Despite the visual seduction, their evocative body of work copes with debased and wretched human qualities, aiming to divulge potent emotions and heartfelt psychological fears. Compositionally, the pictorial plane of Luisa Mè’s paintings is dominated by expressive renderings of figurative or anthropomorphic forms in a vibrant, polychromatic palette. The freshness and originality of their compositions reveal, at closer look, a deep knowledge and respect of the Italian aesthetic tradition. An overwhelming energy transforms apparently peaceful situations into virtual struggles that force the figures into unnatural and painful contortions that are also visible in their curvaceous sculptural practice. From the purple of a hematoma to a spiky high heel, from the spread legs of a human to the beak of a tropical bird, Luisa Mè employs motifs that flutter between sexual pleasure and beauty and something more sinister and psychologically painful. Recent solo exhibitions include those at National Gallery of Marche, Urbino, Italy (2019), Union Gallery, London (2019), Her Gallery, London (2018) and T293, Rome (2017). Luisa Mè attended an artist residency at Bocs in Cosenze, Italy in 2018. Luisa Mè is represented by T293 in Rome.

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ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
Nov10 - Nov 13 2022

West Bund Art & Design 2022
Nov10 - Nov 13 2022

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