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22 Dec , 2023 - 27 Jan, 2024
Another Parallel

Bingqian Yan





The rhythm of the body movement and the subconscious is moving with the brush. This movement not only represent the visual reproduction of the artist’s working process as a form of expression, but also to the external characteristics and potential visions of painting itself. The traces of thoughts revealed by the body and paint are narratable rather than a single monologue of the subject, Another Parallel is like the relationship between brush and hands, skin and fabric. Both have continuity and extend in the same direction in an unbindable and indestructible relationship, and the artwork emerges from the place where the relationship is established.



The venture of making a painting is lost when the work is conformed to regulations or norms. Yan Bingqian’s is antithetical to pictorial meaning and result-oriented reproduction, on a fundamental level, the faces and objects that appear in the work are connections between the minutiae and the variable feelings of human beings. The text here is not an attempt to expose the process of individual psychological phenomena behind the an image, but to observe the hidden connections within this particular circumstance. Even if these small parts cannot be synthesised into a unified subject that can be understood, they exist as imprints. The indescribable in consciousness seeks itself in matter and image, and painting reveals the hidden face while protecting the artist’s secrets that further away from the viewer, before everything becomes clearer and more evident.



To specificity the uniqueness of unconscious painting, a lengthy depiction and elucidation of it may seem less than a categorised conceptual definition, but I don’t think Yan Bingqian has really made any theoretical choices. We naturally translate this steady and still presence of the character in the painting into a real-life experience. On the one hand, the appearance is not only unique to the artist, it is still the effect of our sight, the viewer facing the work obtains the image through observation, on the other hand, the artist’s inner observation, thoughts and non-pensée, a unique state without a clear demarcation line, is finally united in the image here. Its appearance may be partially hidden or even meaningless, but it must be effective, so that we can obtain a focus of attention between the blankness of the work and the rhythm of the brushstrokes.

Texts: Zhang Tingzhi

Yan Bingqian graduated from Shanghai University of Technology in 2015 and now lives in Shanghai. Yan Bingqian uses canvases as her main medium. She is good at capturing the mutable states of people and things in order, choosing to present concrete spiritual imaginations and heterogeneous atmospheres in her works in a lightweight, illusory and astringent way, and constructing an indeterminate symbiotic relationship between space, place, objects and life.

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